I sincerely miss going to the cannabis store these days

As consumers have the desire to experience more convenience as well as efficiency in their service, I fear that as a society we are losing the personal touch.

Many people spend all day staring at a laptop, as well as are too tied up to go out shopping or socializing.

My buddies and I are becoming increasingly isolated, residing off doorstep deliveries as well as rarely meeting people face to face. I am guilty of this just like almost everyone else. And then it hit me just recently that I missed going to the cannabis store. The shop has an online order form, as well as an official delivery service for all cannabis orders over $200, so I get good prices as well as convenience. But I miss physically going inside the cannabis store, talking to the budtenders, as well as seeing what’s new. The following afternoon I drove to the cannabis dispensary for the first time in quite a few months. I recognized none of the employees, which was pretty strange because I used to know everyone at the cannabis store. They had been purchased by a new corporate owner, who had changed the name of the cannabis store as well as replaced all the employees. That was a major drawback, however it didn’t last long because the remodeled cannabis dispensary was much nicer than it was previously. They even had a bargain section for odd as well as unrespected cannabis products. The prices were fantastic, as well as the selection of premium cannabis strains was amazing, despite the fact that I was still a little disappointed. The new employees of the cannabis store weren’t easily friendly, as well as none of them seemed to know much about their weed products.
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