I spent time relaxing like I wanted on Friday

Much to my own surprise, having dinner with the family last evening was a ruckus plus a large hilarious evening that was filled with fun.

Once during the week I take my wife plus my kids to a local eatery. The place is an interesting spot with an indoor eating area plus a great sized outdoor patio that has lots of tables plus chairs. When we have very nice weather, all of us prefer to lay outside plus eat plus watch a performer that comes in on the weekend. This night there were no live songs but there was a DJ that was hosting some drag queens. I was incredibly careful to get lifted on a blunt of cannabis before going into the venue. I would have usually been to uptight to care but this is due to being an honestly reserved person. The use of cannabis opens myself plus others up plus allows myself plus others to stay calm plus care about myself. It’s hard to be a stick in the dirt father so thankfully there was a relaxing cannabis show and this time there was a server that pulled myself plus others away from our seat to dance on the stage with many of those drag queens. I needed to be using the OG Kush in order to dance on the stage. I was high on the OG Kush marijuana strain and that absolutely helped me kick it into high gear so I could dance on the stage with everyone else. What a night we all had.