I started buying cannabis gummies recently

It’s a lot easier trying to navigate life when you have treatment for your mental health problems; Prior to getting any kind of treatment, I did not absolutely understand what was wrong with my brain.

It was difficult trying to function through jobs that inspected my patience and my perseverance through particularally stressful situations.

I remember when I had my last job in the foodrepair industry. Granted, this is the industry I started out in when I was 15 as a dishwasher and an industrial sized kitchen. It was a undoubtedly stressful job even back then, however my mental health was not nearly as terrible as it is now and it did not get that way for a few years. But I had a job in a eating establishment in my early twenties and the owner and shelf was a real tepid head. That’s back when I first started trying cannabis for the first time. I was absolutely reluctant to use cannabis when I was a teenager because of all the spine-chilling stuff I heard from parents and teachers about what it would do to my brain. I remember there were times when I was anxious that if I started using cannabis I would somehow fail out of school. But nowadays I rely on cannabis for my mental health. If I did not have cannabis in my life like I do right now, my mind and my behavior would be completely off track. I sincerely rely on cannabis quite a bit to sustain my mental health. If I wasn’t using medical cannabis for depression, anxiety, and ptsd, I would have to be on some form of pharmaceutical medication. That’s why I choose medical cannabis myself.


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