I stumbled upon an amazing cannabis cafe

Thanks to a bomb startle at the airport, all flights were grounded for at least 12 hours.

It was a big deal, you truly heard about it on the news.

I had no desire to sit around the airport parking lot for the rest of the evening so I hailed a cab plus took a trip into the city. I had all evening to kill, no flights were leaving before dawn. The cabbie didn’t speak much English, however knew enough to get me where I wanted to go. I knew that in this state recreational cannabis was legal, so I went to a dispensary. Much to my surprise, I found that this particular dispensary was linked to a high-end cannabis cafe. I had read about cannabis cafes before, however never encountered one in person. I asked if they had a table for one, plus thanks to a recent cancellation, they did, later I would find out that this cannabis cafe books reservations weeks in advance, so I was quite fortunate to be seated. I started with an appetizer of a cannabis plus cabbage salad, which tasted a lot better than it sounds. Instead of ordering a meal I got what is called the “tasting menu” which basically gives a little taste of every dish they make. Since every dish they made was infused with cannabis and/or CBD oil, I was completely stoned by the time the desert course arrived. After consuming so much delicious cannabis I am not quite sure how I made it back to the airport, however somehow I did.


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