I think the kids thought they were slyly buying marijuana

The two of us were miserable at our child and we have not been that angry since the child was easily a teenager.

The two of us would have grounded the person and found out that they were in a lot of trouble.

The two of us found out that the children thought they were purchasing legal products that contain marijuana. I did not believe that marijuana was available anywhere. I did not believe they were picking up anything that was close. The two of us found out that the kids were trying to use Delta 9 which is particularly fake marijuana that is sold instead of CBD products. The two of us found out that the dosage of Delta 8 would be close to 10 mg of gummy edibles. It would be our particularly nice high and all of us would be miserable and not really able to talk. Marijuana has been illegal in many of the states. We believe there could be THC in this product and then everyone could be arrested because they were driving directly under the influence. I found out that Delta a only contains a very minute amount of thc. It is virtually undetectable and therefore the product can be sold anywhere. The two of us wanted to know how our child would be able to get one of these packages and we found out that it was mostly CBD with a small amount of Delta 8. The product still should not be sold anywhere that kids can be purchasing products without a license.

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