I thought the person looked familiar to me

Something really odd and unrespected happened during the last week, when I was working. A shopper was at the cannabis shop and also presented the person at the counter with an identification card stating the person was over 21 years. The identification card was not appearing to be stolen or even fraudulent, so I decided to help the person with their own order. The young person bought a sizeable amount of cannabis and recreational marijuana supplies. The lady spent a lot of cash and I felt it was more than most of the young people do. The person maxed out her daily allowable allowance eight whole grams of concentrate and a whole ounce of dried cannabis flour. Later during the day, the cannabis shop director gained an iPhone call. The call was coming from the Sheriff’s Office and also they were looking for information about a transaction we completed earlier. It was easily a transaction from the person that I handled. The police came to the cannabis shop in order to get more information. I could not barely remember the name of the adolescent. Unfortunately, I entirely was unable to provide helpful information. I honestly wish that I would have helped them but it honestly looked appreciate the lady would entirely get away with things. The underage Shopper was flagged in the system for large amounts and often times then the government will double verify the name and also address. When the name and address could not be verified, it seemed clear to the sheriff that there was a case of fraud on his hands.