I try to avoid going to the cannabis dispensary

Although I was glad at first when medical marijuana became legal in this state, my elation didn’t last truly long, this is the government, after all, in addition to nobody is better than them at stripping the fun out of life. I like the idea that people no longer have to go to jail for getting stoned, although I hate the idea of the government being in charge of the weed industry. For the time being I am going to steer clear of the whole thing. For all I know this is an elaborate ruse by the government, in addition to all these new cannabis dispensaries are collecting evidence. That definitely sounds paranoid, in addition to I’m mostly sure it’s not true, however just to be safe I will keep buying my cannabis from Karl. When I actually visit the cannabis dispensary I am being filmed the entire time, which I don’t like. Also, to buy anything from the cannabis dispensary I need to have a state-issued ID, in addition to delivering them my contact information to put in their laptop. I don’t like this either, especially when Karl sells pretty fine marijuana strains. Finally, I don’t like the prices at the cannabis dispensary. They have to charge a whole lot more than independent weed dealers do, to pay for the government fees in addition to taxes. That is three pretty superb reasons to keep buying my cannabis from Karl, however on the other hand, the cannabis dispensary has so many more amazing products that occasionally it is hard to resist, however the whole legal marijuana is superb for civilization, although I still don’t guess I trust it.



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