I use cannabis to check our perspective

Every once in a while, I reckon my buddy and I all need a bit of a reality check.

Sometimes for me, it’s more than every once in a while.

This has a relaxing deal to do with the level of stress I have to deal with in our job. I love the office job and I really love the paychecks although I dislike the high levels of stress. That’s why I’m extra grateful to have a marijuana contractor just down the street. Having legalized recreational marijuana has made such a relaxing difference for me. Medical marijuana came first. And had I known what a huge impact cannabis would make on our life, I would have gotten my medical marijuana card. But it was a acquaintance named Max who got myself and others to the local cannabis spot when recreational marijuana was legalized. I’m forever grateful to Max for that as well. He had been after myself and others for a long time to try some sativa strains because Max thought they’d easily help elevate our perspective and mood. Max also wanted myself and others to try out some indica dominant hybrid strains for sale as well. The indica based cannabis strains were more helpful for relaxing our body and helping me to get some sleep. I often deal with so much stress that I can’t turn our brain off at all. The indica strains for sale at the local cannabis dispensary have been so crucial for my health. But truly, it was after the first trip to the local cannabis spot that I realized all of the benefits from the sativa strains. It was sort of love coming out of a dark tunnel once I started using the sativa cannabis strains. Since then, I’ve enjoyed so much more balance in our life and realize that my career isn’t everything.


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