I was already feeling a bit tired

I wasn’t supposed to be at work on friday.

I could not really tell my boss the words no when she begged myself and also others to work.

She told myself as well as others that she simply needed a person to help out for a few minutes and promise you would get myself and also others out of that place. The cannabis shop on that day was severely busy because of a sale that all of us had on new cannabis concentrates from a certain product line. Every one of us wanted to get cannabis concentrates. By the time we got house from working at the store, I was easily fatigued and also feeling hungry. To be completely honest, I didn’t entirely want to go any place at all with my girlfriend. I really wanted to kneel on the couch and also smoke a joint and also pass out for the remainder of the evening. My girlfriend told myself and others that I was going to get dressed and go with her. She told myself and also others that I could have a small nap before everyone of us were getting ready for dinner. I laid directly down onto the bed where the air conditioner was running and also fell asleep instantly. I easily slept for 40 minutes and also then my girlfriend woke myself and also others up to tell myself and also others that it was close to the time to get ready for the party. I was feeling much better than earlier and wide awake. After a couple of hits of Jack Herer sativa, I was ready to have a party and get dinner and drinks.
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