I went with some friends to the shop

The government does not seem to get the fact that marijuana would help raise a lot of money for the state.

We definitely need to get better information on marijuana laws. When the people I was with plus myself attempted to pass marijuana laws it was a feeble attempt that had no results at all. It is ironic that the neighboring area in the Cannabis spot are still a far way off. It is also ironic that I happen to be close to a neighborhood where I am only a 5-minute drive for accessing recreational marijuana. I’m close to the state line and I share the city with the other state. It would have made sense for this state to legalize recreational marijuana at the same time. There are a lot of people that are only 5 minutes away from the other border and that means we can easily access the drug. No you are not supposed to take marijuana over State lines, a lot of us do now that it has been legalized. The closest cannabis shop to the people I was with plus myself is one that is easily nice plus offers a huge selection of different cannabis products. Every one of us like sticking with the flower products but there are a couple of us that prefer Edibles as well. The marijuana dispensary near me has a great selection of brownies, cookies, and other tasty things that are absolutely delicious. There are only a few ways to get these marijuana edibles until our state legalizes.

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