I would have replaced the item at no cost

The people I was with in addition to myself have been working at a marijuana dispensary for a while.

There are lots of products inside of the dispensary and most of them are individually wrapped in packages that are paper, plastic in addition to glass.

There are quite a number of packages that allow you to see concentrate products but there are easily a couple of items that are not visible to the eye. At the dispensary, the bartenders are allowed to take these products out of the package in order for the customer to view them easily. If the concentrate does not get purchased by the customer, then we cannot resell it because it has been fractured. The only thing that we can do is put those items in our clearance special bin. Products in the clearance special bin are 20% off. They have original packaging. Customers can buy numerous items from the box but all of the clearance items are offered at a no refund guarantee. The people I was with in addition to myself had some guy that was a customer that was easily exasperated with the products. The guy had selected several items from the clearance bin plus was unhappy with one of the Cannabis concentrates. It was ideal for the guy to get his money back, but all we could do was offer to give him a different type of product. I would have happily replaced the item with something else if he would have simply given me a chance to make the purchase right.

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