I would rather purchase my marijuana from a dispensary than a black market dealer

I was thankful for my friends in college because I met all sorts of people through their friend group.

I entered my university as a nerdy kid with no friends back at home, but this all changed when I went with my college roommate to our first campus party.

We met a group of students and we all quickly became friends. This was a formative time for me because I was experiencing what it was like to have a group of comrades for the very first time, despite always wanting this going back to the times of kindergarten when I originally felt like a total outcast. One thing that was really life changing was the first experience I had with cannabis when my friends in college let me try some one day. They had a pipe loaded with ground cannabis flower buds inside. It was a spectral experience that I will never forget, and it set me down the path of long term marijuana consumption. However, I always hated trying to source cannabis off the black market in the years following college. When I was in university, I could buy cannabis from a friend living in the dormitories. Once I graduated, all of my friends selling cannabis moved out of the city and I had to fend for myself. Now I’me extremely grateful that my state has legal medical marijuana because that means I can safely purchase marijuana from a cannabis dispensary instead of a random black market dealer. It’s a better experience for me all around when I use cannabis dispensaries instead of black market dealers.

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