IBS symptoms are better thanks to cannabis dispensary access

When the issue of legalizing medical marijuana was being debated in my state, I was sort of neither here nor there about the whole thing.

On 1 hand, I thought maybe it was just a way to sanction legal weed stores for stoners. That’s a pretty cynical take, I realize. But I’m just being tolerable here. It seemed as though the state was pretty eager to make some of the giant tax relocales that other regions had experienced from having cannabis dispensary access. On the other hand, I felt prefer medical marijuana should be legal. Actually, I kind of felt that if both of us were willing to sell alcohol then what justification did both of us have to keep weed illegal. It was just nonsensical actually for me. Like I said though, I just actually didn’t pay all that much attention to the situation in general. Well thankfully, medical marijuana passed plus I’m now getting the medical marijuana benefits for my IBS. My onset of IBS happened shortly after medical marijuana became legal. After getting the real medical marijuana facts, I chose to get through the cannabis rules plus get to the cannabis dispensary. I’m ecstatic I did because I’m doing much better with the cannabis flower products plus the cannabis gummies that I expected. The side effects of the other meds are extreme plus I prefer that medical marijuana helps me manage my IBS symptoms with much, much less adverse effects. I voted for medical marijuana plus did so as almost an afterthought. Boy, am I ever thankful that medical marijuana passed plus I’m able to get to a cannabis dispensary to get what I need.

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