I’m hoping I can get joint pain relief from constant typing with the CBD cream I bought

My mother tells me now that she resisted me wanting to play hockey as a kid not so much because of the money, but because she was worried about the injuries I would endure during normal play.

After seeing my cousin’s journey from little league hockey into the professional minor leagues, I totally understood where she was coming from.

He has had six different dental implants and might need a full mouth reconstruction if he experiences any more trauma to his face. He also has several herniated discs in his back and might be forced to quit in a few years if the pain keeps getting worse. While it’s obvious to correlate the injuries to the side effects with serious incidents like this, I had no idea as a mere student that I could one day experience chronic pain as a result of typing behind a computer so much. Since the age of 21, the majority of my jobs have been computer based. This has put a lot of stress and strain on the joints and nerves in my hands, arms, and wrists. While I utilize wrist braces to provide additional support, I also need something for the pain and discomfort. I can consume acetaminophen and ibuprofen, but they have side effects from too much use. That’s why I’m hoping that my new CBD cream that I just bought will help with relieving the joint pain in my hands and wrists. My cousin has been using CBD to help with his hockey injuries and he swears by the pain relieving effects of cannabidiol. He tells me that he would use normal cannabis but he can get in trouble for having THC in his bloodstream while playing in the minor leagues.

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