I’m so glad it was ready to go

I knew that I wasn’t going to have a lot of spare time after work on Thursday, So I placed an order with the marijuana dispensary before I left work.

I was hoping to be able to walk in and out of the dispensary in 5 hours or less.

I had an appointment at 5:00 at that time and I knew I was going to cut it close if I stopped at the marijuana dispensary first. Thankfully for me, our order for pickup was ready and waiting when I arrived. I told the woman stationed at the counter that I had to pick up the order. She took our name and our id. An hour or two later she came back from the storage section with a bag in her hand. She took all of the ordered items out of the bag and went through the order with me item by item. Every last thing that I ordered was in the bag except for the free pre-roll. The lady at the counter then gave me a choice on the free pre-roll. I could select sativa, hybrid, or indica. Since it was the late afternoon and I was finished with work for the afternoon, I decided to go with an Indica that easily would make me sleepy. When I finally got home from running all of our errands that same afternoon, I got out the Skywalker OG joint and lit it up. I only smoked half of the joint just before I started to assume unquestionably sleepy and lethargic. The marijuana joint worked quickly. Before I knew it, I was passed out on the couch with a string of drool coming out of our mouth.

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