Incorporating cannabis into fitness routine

Running in poor quality shoes led to plantar fasciitis in my feet.

My husband and I got married when we were just nineteen years old.

We lived on a very limited budget. We could barely cover the cost of our mortgage, groceries and gas for our covers. There was no extra money for luxuries such as a gym membership. Since I wanted to keep fit, I needed to find a way to workout for free. I started running. Initially, I could only run half of a mile before I’d be out of breath and forced to slow my pace to a walk. I quickly built up my stamina and speed to where I was running ten miles every morning. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand the importance of a proper warm up, cool down and shoes designed for running. I wore a pair of sneakers that I bought at Walmart for ten dollars. They lacked necessary support for the arch of the foot. Plantar fasciitis is extremely painful. It feels as if the bottom of the foot is ripping open on every step. The problem eventually prevented me from running and made it difficult to walk to sleep. I couldn’t afford a visit to the doctor. A friend of mine recommended a trip to the dispensary. While it was difficult to save up the money to buy cannabis products, they were much more reasonable than prescription medicine. I combined cannabis edibles and topicals with resting, icing and stretching my feet. I also asked my mother to buy me a good pair of running shoes for my birthday. It took over six months before I could start running again. I’ve learned to thoroughly warm up my muscles before taking off, hydrate and take days of rest. I still use cannabis to help with aches and pains. I’ve also found that the right strain of cannabis is great for getting motivated, energized and clearing my head. I like to eat a gummy, take a hit off a vape or place a few drops of a tincture under my tongue right before heading out on a long run.


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