Inflammation relief thanks to medical cannabis

When my inflammation condition started, it really came out of the blue. I was an otherwise relatively healthy man in my early forties. One day, I was playing tennis and the next I was having a hard time getting around. Of course, I thought I just overdid it on the courts. That day I played for nearly 5 hours with not a whole lot of breaks in between matches. Prior to changing things up and using cannabis flower products, I have always sort of pushed the limits. When it came to sports and athletics, I was alway maxing out. But honestly, the fact that I couldn’t move around very well and I was dealing with swollen joints was weird. It eased up over the next few days but the next time I was on the court, it was even worse. So I started seeing the doctors who gave me different medications to reduce inflammation in my body. I certainly saw some benefit from those medications but I really hated the side effects that came with them. Additionally, I had a hard time dealing with the efficacy of the medications. It seemed like those medications would work for a while but quickly I needed more and more higher dosages. This is why I turned to medical marijuana. I wanted to use something natural in my efforts to battle my inflammation. Along with the medical cannabis I get from the cannabis dispensary, I made some other changes to my life. Going with a plant based diet has been very significant when it comes to reducing inflammation. I’ve also cut out alcohol and leaned more into yoga and meditation and less into crushing myself physically on the tennis court. All in all, I have to say that the medical cannabis benefits far outweigh anything any of the medications provided me.

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