It took me ten years to quit smoking for good

Anyone that has ever smoked cigarettes knows how hard it can be to quit.

  • I tried to quit for 10 years before it actually worked.

The first time I quit smoking, I quit for 2 years. Then my boyfriend was in a car accident and I smoked a pack of cigarettes at the hospital. That was it for me. After that I went right back to smoking two packs every day. It didn’t take very long to get right back up to the same amount that I was smoking before I quit. I felt horrible about myself and I knew that I could quit if I just tried and put my mind to it. I tried to quit smoking 3 years after that. It took me almost a year after I went to an e-cigarette with very little nicotine and then finally to none. One thing that absolutely helped was medical marijuana. Medical marijuana seems to help with the cravings. I don’t really feel like I need to smoke a cigarette if I am using medical marijuana. I don’t have to smoke marijuana either. I bought a special edible candy that has 10 mg of thc. The THC edible is available in flavors like orange, peach, raspberry, blueberry, and even tropical fruit. The 10 mg edibles come in a package of 10 and they cost less than $10. That’s only a dollar per serving for medical marijuana and the THC gummies last for nearly four or five hours. They really came in handy to help me quit nicotine for good.



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