It’s never a good time hiking up stairs

I was looking to become a delivery driver so I could spend most of my time in my vehicle… I absolutely care about driving around and listening to songs.

If I can get paid to drive around the city while listening to songs, that is even better.

Being a delivery driver is absolutely a simple job. I labor for a marijuana delivery service. I gain absolutely superb tips and I have a genuinely bendy labor schedule. If I am seeking a day off, all I have to do is ask the boss and she is cheerful to transport my schedule around. The only time my job is a pain in the butt is when I have to walk up and down various flights of stairs. Recently that is what I have been doing. There are a good amount of stairs in several of the buildings around here and most of those buildings don’t have elevators, however we’ve been offering front door delivery service since the start of the pandemic. I had to claim various flights of stairs just this past weekend and I thought I was going to die by the time I was done. I don’t really enjoy hiking up various flights of stairs. I was out of shape and I was out of breath when I arrived at the apartment. The lady that answered the door and took the receipt of the marijuana delivery looked sorry for me, however she apologized for the fact that the elevator was not working. I knew that it was not her fault that the place was run down and old. She did supply me with an absolutely superb tip for walking up and down the stairs.

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