It's nice to be told about sales plus upcoming specials

I regularly buy recreational plus medical marijuana products from a dispensary close to me, however i honestly try to save as much currency as possible by getting a good deal on the products that I love; Each plus every morning, I receive an SMS update from the marijuana dispensary; They give me the yearly sales plus specials plus I get a 5% off coupon with each SMS.

This month the best sales were going to be on Sundays plus Tuesday, and sunday, the marijuana dispensary was having a large sale on all of the concentrates.

They were going to be 20% off, but on Tuesday, the marijuana dispensary was having a sale on all of the dried marijuana flower products. I was incredibly surprised by the specials for the week. The cannabis concentrates were something that honestly caught my eye. I regularly use cannabis concentrates love shatter, wax, butter, plus live resin, but when I found out that they were going to have these products on sale, I made it a point to flag the SMS so I wouldn’t forget. When the afternoons of the sales arrived, I used my 5% coupon plus I ordered online. I saved a large amount of currency by ordering on the day of the sale plus buying products that were buy 1 plus get 1 for a dollar; At the end of the day, I ended up with 6 grams of live resin concentrate plus they were only $10 each after all of the sales. If I could get deals love this every week, I would be able to start saving.


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