kid got caught using recreational weed

One of my students is a senior in private school! She is an overachiever.

She gets straight A’s, is a cheerleader, and is in numerous clubs, then as a teacher I have l gained that even the best behaved, most well rounded students often have moments where they rebel or deliver into peer pressure, but i did an activity in class with my students where they needed to take out their cell iPhones to participate in an interactive quiz, however the quiz was on the topic of drugs, including recreational marijuana.

I observed my student did not take her iPhone out. I asked her about it and she said her Dad took her iPhone away. I pulled her aside after class to check in with her. She admitted to myself and others that she got caught using recreational marijuana and her mother grounded her, and her punishment for using recreational marijuana included losing iPhone privileges, having to take drug tests for recreational marijuana bi-weekly before school, and not being able to drive her car, then my student told myself and others that she had a lapse in judgment and this was her first time trying recreational marijuana. Her entire gymnastics team smoked recreational marijuana at a gathering over the weekend and she was just trying to fit in with everyone else. She told myself and others that she wasn’t thinking straight and she now regrets her decision to smoke recreational marijuana at that gathering. I thanked her for being legitimate with myself and others and I told her that everyone makes mistakes and it seems love she has already l gained from her mistake of using recreational marijuana.

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