Learning to love an appetite thanks to cannabis gummies

Admitting that I had an eating disorder was tough.

But once I just recognized that as fact, I was able to actually do something about it.

For nearly a decade, I sort of hid my problems with food and eating from everyone including myself. Now, with medical cannabis and a great therapist, I’m learning how to love my appetite. It’s been a real journey for me when it comes to acknowledging my eating disorder. For one, there are some complicated issues that go into this condition of mine. Not everyone is the same and we all react differently to trauma or poor self image. I had the double whammy growing up so unpacking the source of this condition has been essential. Medical cannabis and access to the legal weed store had also been essential. Of course, the cannabis gummies I use are helping me to accept and encourage a healthy appetite. The cannabis gummies allow me better access to productive feelings when it comes to feeding my body. This is something I’m learning at nearly 30 instead of when I was little. Until I found therapy and medical marijuana, food was the enemy. Now, I feel good about having an appetite and feeding myself healthy foods. Plus, the cannabis gummies help me not be afraid to access my feelings more deeply when I’m working on this thing in therapy. This medical marijuana benefit is a big one. I feel more confident, safe and positive as I get to the root causes of my condition. So much of that is due to having access to a cannabis dispensary.

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