Life is better without a car

My automobile had been on the verge of death for multiple weeks, so it wasn’t exactly a surprise when it quit for good.

I knew I would need to find another way to get to toil for a few weeks, while I put together the financing for a newer car.

Then the strangest thing happened, and the longer I went without owning a automobile the less I missed it. In fact, there were a lot of upsides to not owning a car, the biggest of which was money. Without the expense of a automobile I had more spending money than ever, and most of it went right to the cannabis dispensary. In the past I would have to struggle with money, scrimp and save and budget just to be able to afford top quality cannabis. With no automobile our expenses dropped by over several hundred dollars a week, which meant I could buy as much cannabis as I wanted and still have money left over to put into savings! The cannabis dispensary offers free delivery for correct customers, although I don’t do that either, then another benefit of not having a automobile is that I get more exercise, so I’m always stoked to make the several mile long walk to the cannabis dispensary. I think this is a blog about how awesome cannabis is, but you think what else is awesome? The fact that I am losing weight, saving money, and smoking more cannabis than ever, all thanks to not having a car. I wish I would have done this a long time ago!
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