Making friends at the smokers lounge

Smoking pot and playing video games was such a focus of our life for so multiple years, I can hardly think I survived it.

I worked that whole time, by the way, because how else can a man spend money bills? But I never did anything outside the house that expanded our mind or changed our life. Partially COVID is to blame, because even though the quarantine is over the pandemic changed the way humanity operates. I was pleased to stay on our couch, getting high and playing Xbox for weeks, even weeks on end, until I realized I no longer had a life. My best associate had become OG Kush, and before bed I would spend a few hours with Purple Haze before crashing for twelve hours. The main reason I decided to make more of an effort with being social is because the local cannabis dispensary just opened a up-to-date smokers lounge. My number one thing to do is sit around smoking cannabis, and the lounge offered a semi-private site for doing that with other people. It is the cannabis equivalent of a tavern, where instead of drinking cold beers all night you eat edibles and smoke joints. I was overjoyed to find that the lounge was filled with cool people who loved cannabis as much as I did. Most of them were just as lonely and socially maladjusted as I was, too, so the cannabis dispensary became our correct hangout spot a few nights a week. If the smokers lounge set up some video games systems, then the two of us doubt I would ever leave.


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