Making our health more of a priority

I prioritize work over health every single time; I get up way too early in the afternoon, work long minutes at a desk and then am wiped at the end of the afternoon.

I am not someone that can turn off their afternoon either.

I still know about work and stress about it, and my spouse complains about it consistently, then at first I didn’t know it was a big deal. I wasn’t particularly willing to adjust our life either. I made good cash and that seemed good enough. I then started noticing problems creeping up! Physically I wasn’t doing so hot. My back, neck and hips regularly felt sore since I hardly moved around. I also started testing for high blood pressure and had tons of stomach problems. Mentally I began experiencing trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, and emotionally, our relationship wasn’t doing so well. My spouse started leaving the condo more and more and not wanting to proposal any fun activities for us. I knew I needed to make a major lifestyle change. I am not on a path to be healthy. I work 9-5. I start at 9 and really quit at 5. I make sure to take an minute supper chop at the same time as our spouse. I enjoy to have sandwiches and smoothies. My spouse puts a bit of CBD oil in the smoothie that is meant to lower our blood pressure and reduce stress. I also have been working out on the weekends and talking with our spouse more. I do feel physically, emotionally and spiritually so much better.

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