Marijuana is not allowed on the property

Occasionally there are times when it is dangerous.

My very best acquaintance named Jack and also myself have worked together in a state prison area since the both of us were 19. Each of us have to be 19-year seasoned in order to have a job working for the state. As soon as all of us were seasoned enough, both of us applied to get a job there. Around this area, working at the prison is an entirely good job. We receive better than average pay with dental and medical benefits, a retirement and 401k plan, and also lots of paid trip. My best acquaintance and also myself entirely were lucky when all of us ended up getting hired to work in the state prison. Both of us are only 30 now and all of us will really be able to retire before many other people. There are easily times when the prison is not appreciate a great deal of fun. Occasionally there are times when it is dangerous. If the prisoners can access weapons and also drugs, prison problems can entirely escalate. Last year all of us were searching around the sea block plus all of us found more than a couple of different cannabis products. Those cannabis products were from a state dispensary. The Cannabis items were purchased at a dispensary and it did not turn out to be difficult to find out exactly what person purchased the package and the state registry gave us all the information so we could put the person in prison for the next year.