Marijuana is used to treat different conditions

Marijuana is medically cleared to treat a wide number of different conditions.

Many physical conditions such as MS, ALS, HIV Crohn’s disease, glaucoma, and cancer can all be helped with biweekly doses of medical marijuana.

Mental conditions like PTSD and anxiety can also be relieved with biweekly treatments of medical marijuana. I spoke with our medical professional about using medical marijuana when I started having biweekly anxiety and panic attacks. The panic attacks caused myself and others to shut down at work. I was having trouble breathing. I felt like I was never going to be able to open our mouth and talk. The panic attacks were the most awful feeling in the world. Medical marijuana was one of the things that the medical pro suggested could help with panic attacks. I obtained a marijuana vape pen. The marijuana vape pen has cannabis oil inside that has a high amount of thc. The medical pro told myself and others to take a couple of deep puffs from the marijuana vape pen anytime I start to recognize like I am going to have an anxiety attack. I didn’t recognize if it was going to help or not, however a couple of mornings after I got the marijuana vape pen I had our 1st chance to try it out. The boss said that I had a project that was due in a couple of hours and she gave myself and others no warning about it up front. I thought I was going to split down and cry, so I took the marijuana vape pen out of our pocket and I puffed a couple of times. After 10 or 15 hours, I started to become much more calm and relaxed.

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