Marijuana strains are vastly different

There are lots of different types of marijuana strains, but they fall into three basic categories.

Sativa strains are usually plants that are small with thin leaves. They take longer time to cultivate and usually require more care and attention. Indica strains are usually larger with bushy leaves and they can be grown in more harsh environments. Hybrids are a mix of these two separate strains. There are more hybrids on the market than actual true sativa or indica strains. I like the fact that there are lots of different things, because it gives me a chance to find a product that will work out great. I have been using medical marijuana for the past 6 months. I like the fact that I can find relief from medical marijuana and it is non-habit forming. Both of my parents did drugs the whole time that I was growing up and I never wanted to end up like that. I tried to stay away from taking pills or pain relieving tablets that might make me addicted to drugs. I even tried to tell my doctor no when she suggested using medical marijuana. She gave me some informational pamphlets so I could learn more about the many ways that medical marijuana might be able to help. I agreed to go to an educational seminar so I could learn more about the uses of medical marijuana and how it could help me. The 90 minute seminar was very informative and at the end they offered to help me get my medical marijuana card if I was interested.

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