Marijuana vape pens can leak if they get too hot

I have been using marijuana products for the past six months.

I started out with edibles and quickly moved on to smokable marijuana flower. Dried marijuana flower buds can be smoked in a bowl, pipe, or paper. There are also marijuana products called concentrates. Concentrates include badder, shatter, budder, diamonds, and live resin jam. Concentrates are made from the whole plant when it is still alive. Concentrates can be vaped in a bong or in a dab pen. A dab pen is a special device that is made for smoking small amounts of marijuana concentrate. There is a small chamber to place product inside the pen and then the heat turns the concentrated product into a vapor that can be inhaled. There are also marijuana vape pens that have concentrate already in an easy to use cartridge. That cartridge attaches to the pen directly. I regularly buy cartridges because they are easy and safe. Unfortunately, the cartridges can leak if they get too hot. One of my vape pen cartridges leaked all over the front seat of my car. It was a total and complete mess. The brand new pen was almost full. By the morning, it was almost empty and the contents were a sticky mess on the leather of my front seat. I had to take the car to the detailer to get the stains out of the seat. It looked like someone peed all over the seat. Thankfully, the mess could be cleaned up with some industrial strength cleaner, but it was a good reminder not to leave the cartridges out in the heat.

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