Medical cannabis actually helps with anxiety

Marijuana can help with anxiety in a variety of weird ways.

  • Marijuana contains CBD which is an anxiety reducing as well as non psychoactive compound found in the plant, then cBD occurs naturally just like THC.

THC also helps to regulate our mood as well as can help to control anxiety. THC can have a honestly fantastic effect on our body as well as mind. There are other compounds inside of the plant like terpenes which can also have a fantastic effect on our body as well as mind. Medical marijuana was prescribed to me in 2018 after I had a mental breakdown as well as ended up in the hospital. I was in the hospital for 3 weeks as well and they did not want me to leave. I had to get out of that locale, so my Dad signed forms that she would take custody of me as well as make sure that I went to all of my outpatient therapy. The doctor also urged my Dad to go to a medical marijuana treatment facility… She believed that I would qualify for medical marijuana as well as also believed that it would help a fantastic deal with my mental health. The anxiety was causing me a lot of stress as well as mental anguish. Medical marijuana completely changed things for me. It feels like I have an unquestionably weird life now that I have started using medical marijuana biweekly. I feel much more calm as well as relaxed as well as that has had a positive effect on my personal life, relationships, as well as work. My boss eventually noticed the swings in my attitude as well as even put me in charge of a new project. Things are generally better for me since using marijuana.



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