Medical marijuana for sleep troubles

I have never been a certainly fantastic sleeper.

I regularly took a while to fall asleep.

Then as I got older I started waking up in the middle of the night. I am now on a schedule where I don’t fall asleep until around an minute of trying. I then wake up every several minutes & have to repeat the process. I am worse than a newborn baby! I have tried everything to naturally fall asleep. I work out every single day. I don’t eat right before bed or watch any screens. I have a sound machine, bamboo sheets, a cooling pillow & have meditated before. Nothing has helped me out. A friend of mine has pushed me to try medical marijuana. I did some research & this does count as a qualified medical condition for weed. I don’t know how I guess about it though. I know that I don’t necessarily have to smoke a flower or oil form. I can really do a few drops of cannabis oil under my tongue or sneak it in my tea. There are also tinctures or edibles that can sneak CBD & THC in my system. I am in no way going to try sleeping pills due to the side effects. Cannabis seems a bit more natural since it is a plant. It seems safer since it isn’t addictive either. I certainly am procrastinating because I can’t just walk into a dispensary. Since my state isn’t a recreational weed one, I will need to get a cannabis card. I will have to go to the doctor, get a script, fill out paperwork, pay a fee & then wait for my card. It is a lot of work in order to have a card only for a single year.

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