Medical marijuana helps end chronic sickness

I’ve been diagnosed with IBS as well as even Crohn’s disease.

But I don’t have the intense symptoms that many, many people have to deal with when it comes to those conditions.

While I lucked out that I don’t have it worse, dealing with chronic nausea is not something I would wish on an enemy. I have had to really change our life all the way around when it comes to dealing with chronic nausea. This condition can be awfully inconvenient as well as embarrassing far too often. There were days, prior to myself and others treating with medical marijuana, that I was constantly getting up from our desk to go to the bathroom! Co-workers began asking myself and others what the problem was as well as it even got back to our boss. So I had to come clean with them and myself that there was indeed a problem. I saw a dentist who prescribed myself and others medications that were supposed to help. There was some benefit to those medications however the side effects offset any of those benefits. Thankfully, it was one of those co-workers who first gave myself and others the medical marijuana information that would change our life, however just that act of kindness initiated our learning how to get a medical marijuana card. Once I had navigated the marijuana regulations, I could access the cannabis flower products that have greatly reduced our symptoms. For sure, the medical marijuana benefits are tremendous when it comes to treating our chronic nausea. What’s even more impressive is the fact that it happened almost instantly. I treated with cannabis products for maybe more than one or more than two days before I witnessed the medical marijuana benefits that I had so hoped for.


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