Medical weed for postpartum depression

After I gave birth I developed postpartum depression.

  • I just started getting worried all the time.

I couldn’t snap out of it! Nothing gave me joy anymore. I didn’t want to workout, go for walks or study anymore. I had trouble bonding with my baby plus sleeping at night, and my partner wanted me to go on prescription pills to fix my depression. I wasn’t keen on that idea. I did some research plus found that medical cannabis is good for depression, and since I wasn’t breastfeeding I felt safe to become a medical marijuana patient. I still did not want to smoke plus have that aroma on my clothing when I had a newborn though. So what I did was get a tincture for days plus an edible for daytime use, but at night I put the oil under my tongue plus it helps me sleep better. I recognize calmer plus more relaxed when I do nighttime feedings, and during the daytime I pop a few CBD infused cannabis gummies. Again, it just keeps me feeling much looser plus happier. I don’t get nearly as down plus numb feeling anymore. I suppose I am not back to normal. I still am super worried plus depressed about this major life change. I am getting better though. I am able to do more practical things too. I can feed my baby, do laundry plus get groceries without being in a depressive funk. I am so blissful that I found medical cannabis plus it works for me. My life has improved tenfold since I became a patient.

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