Much more focus thanks to cannabis products

It’s just such a good thing that our state finally got onboard with being more progressive when it comes to cannabis laws.

Recent legislation recently added recreational marijuana to the legal side of the table.

Prior to that, there were cannabis dispensaries for medical marijuana only. I really benefited from the medical marijuana laws. Luckily, I had an open and forward thinking doctor who urged me to try medical marijuana for my ADHD. This is a condition I have dealt with all my life. But when I was a kid, I was just a wild child that couldn’t sit still. There really wasn’t any sort of diagnosis much less any treatment. Then, there were drugs they tried me on once I got to highschool. Those turned me into a total zombie and made life so tough to live. So I canned those meds when I was in college and just tried so hard to focus. It was so tough to get through and get my degree. And as a working adult, I have availed myself of other medications that help some but still come with a lot of side effects. But once I started with the cannabis products per my doctors recommendation, it all changed. The indica strains for sale at the local cannabis spot seem to be the best for me. I don’t really like smoking cannabis so I usually just need a bit of a nibble from a cannabis edible. Now, focus and calm come to me as though I’ve always been like that. It’s just amazing that something like medical marijuana isn’t more readily available for those that need it across this country.

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