My acquaintance Melanie says she is switching over to cannabis

My acquaintance Kelly told myself and others that she has decided that she’s going to switch over to using cannabis for pain management.

She has had a whole lot of peculiar surgeries over the past couple of years.

I don’t even suppose how several surgeries she has had, however it has been a lot! Most of them are minor, although she had a couple of major surgeries too. I remember those 2 because I took her food plus went grocery shopping for her a couple of times over the last year.anyway, Kelly is always having some kind of random thing happening that makes her end up in the hospital. She has a lot of random accidents that somehow make her end up having surgery! once she fell on roller blades plus broke her elbow! Anyway, she hurts herself a lot plus she has been in plus out of physical therapy several times. She also has to take medication for pain management which she hates. She started to do research on peculiar kinds of medical cannabis, then recently she ended up finding some cannabis products that she saw would work for managing her pain; Kelly entirely does not like what other people think, plus a lot of our friends don’t suppose that she should use cannabis products. She said that if it works for her, then she could care less what other people suppose about it. She told myself and others that since cannabis products don’t entirely have any side effects, she has decided that she’s going to switch over plus start using them from now on. I can’t say that I blame her.