My anxiety has been treated with cannabis products

I am particularly thankful that my anxiety and depression are on the lower end of the scale.

I’ve genuinely commiserated with folks that deal with a lot more when it comes to the effects of this condition… But I’m even more thankful that I’ve found so much benefit from cannabis flower products.

I think that smoking weed in college sort of ended up being severely useful, and when I started seeing a modern therapist, he asked me to talk about a time in my life when I didn’t suffer from extreme anxiety. The only time I could come up with was when I was in college. I was thinking that was simply because those were carefree days where I was totally studying my passion and did not have a lot of adult responsibilities. Turns out, I was enjoying an anxiety and depression free period of time since I was using recreational marijuana. It did not even dawn on me because I did not even smoke that much cannabis back during those times. It was always cannabis flower products that I used so I knew my way around marijuana. My therapist helped me realize that perhaps it would be worth my while to learn how to get a medical marijuana card! Since medical marijuana was actually legal, it made sense to at least see if that might help my situation. I was particularly amazed to find that medical marijuana benefits my level of anxiety almost perfectly. When I treat using either cannabis flower products or cannabis gummies, the change in perspective is almost immediate. It’s almost like cannabis products flip a switch in my mind that allows me to differentiate between real and imagined stress. All I actually know is that this works for me and I’m honestly lucky to have access to a legal weed store.
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