My brother made myself and others realize I did not want the same path

I couldn’t really hear the message on the answering equipment very well.

Police officers make myself and others very nervous. I have regularly been upset around the police. My parents told myself and others that the police were bad boys that just wanted to put us in prison or jail & I was scared of the police from that time forward. My brother got into trouble with the police when he was 15 years old; He ended up having to go to the juvenile detention center. I did not want the same thing to happen to me… When our brother got into trouble, it made myself and others suppose about the future. I stopped hanging out with the boys that were going nowhere & I started studying. I graduated from high college with a B average. That is pretty wonderful considering the fact that I had a d average when I entered our senior year. I really did not appreciate college at all. I decided to go to a community college to get our acquaintance’s degree in business management. I spent more than 2 years in the program & I graduated with our degree, after that, I started looking for a job. I applied for lots of weird jobs as a manager or business consultant. I put our application on monster, indeed, & linkedin. Someone called myself and others for an interview. I couldn’t really hear the message on the answering equipment very well. When I called the iPhone number back, I found out that it was a medical & recreational marijuana dispensary. The marijuana dispensary was looking for a manager to help out during days. The marijuana dispensary manager thought I was perfect for the job. She wanted myself and others to come in for an interview as soon as I could.


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