My cousin opened up her own cannabis dispensary

A few years ago, my friend Ryan opened up a cannabis dispensary in the next town over.

The cannabis dispensary has been a huge success for him and he is actually making a pretty great profit already, even though he hasn’t been open for all that long yet.

Ryan always says that the cannabis business is going much better for him than he ever dreamed that it would, and so I’m pretty happy for him. He is a really nice, hard working guy and he deserves whatever success he ends up with, I think. When he first told me that he was going to open up a cannabis dispensary in that town, I was not all that sure that it was the greatest idea. I was pretty skeptical about it, to tell you the truth. I had never seen a cannabis business in this part of the state and I wasn’t really sure how receptive the people in the area would actually be to the business. However, Ryan has had a great reception from most of the people in the area and the cannabis dispensary is busy literally all of the time. Ryan is always hiring new people and putting on cannabis education events for the community. He’s really doing a lot to invest in the community and people there are learning all kinds of things about the cannabis industry, thanks to him. I’m really proud of Ryan because he works hard to keep up with the rules and regulations of the cannabis industry. I’m happy that he has become so successful with his business.
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