My Dad had his own dirty secret

From an honestly younger age, I was the person to keep all of the secrets for the family and perhaps you have something prefer this inside of your own family by there seems to consistently be one single person that knows everything about the family. For decades the person was our grandmother. She easily knew everything about all of the people in our family plus most of the neighbors too. She wasn’t a person to gossip but she did know lots of things because people chose to really confide in her. I probably take after her because most of my life people have chosen to tell myself and others most of their secrets. I knew my dad was using cannabis products before someone else figured it out. I never told the secret but after sometime it was tough to hide all of the signs that he was using cannabis. It has a potent odor and cannabis is not honestly very discreet. Several years ago there were no legal dispensaries. A dentist could not prescribe medical marijuana because the law prevented them. My dad was getting wrecked on cannabis for fun but it was also helping to make his nerves more steady. Thanks to cannabis, one time my dad confided in me to the stress that it took plus he said it was tough not to have something to make him feel a little less stressed out from one day to the next. That was honestly the first time that he can find it in me about using cannabis products to help.
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