My Dad is the best in the world

My Dad got myself and others a job at a marijuana dispensary.

She was friends with the manager. When she mentioned that I was looking for a part-time job, the manager told our Dad to have myself and others come to the store. I also filled out an online application. When I went to the marijuana dispensary, I met with our mom’s acquaintance whose name is Jackie; Jackie was actually nice. She asked myself and others a couple of basic questions that any enjoyable interviewer would ask. When the interview was over, she asked when I could start. I was ready to start laboring at the marijuana dispensary just as quickly as she needed me. I started a few afternoons later and I had a day of orientation first. I spent 4 hours studying all about the strange types of marijuana strains and how marijuana is harvested and refined. Some of the information about marijuana was new to me, but most of the information I already knew. I got paid to sit in the orientation, so I didn’t complain about watching videos and listening to people talk. The next time I had a shift at the dispensary, I started behind the counter. I had to work alongside a crew member that has been employed by the dispensary for a while. She turned out to be actually kind and helpful. She took her time to explain everything instead of rushing through the process. I had to spend numerous afternoons with the numerous year staff member, but by the end of our training process, I felt care about I could actually handle myself with a customer’s order.


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