My husband started to use medical marijuana

My husband has always had some chronic pain due to some injuries that he got back when he was in the military.

He actually got hurt when he was jumping out of a helicopter, and the injuries have taken a toll on some of his joints to this day.

That was about ten years ago, but it looks like he is always going to have to deal with chronic pain of some type or another because of the injury that he had. Recently, he has started to use medical marijuana to help him deal with the chronic pain and I think that it’s helping him a lot more than he thought it would. When he first started to take the medical marijuana, I thought that he was making a big mistake to stop taking all of the prescription drugs that he had been on before. He said that he wanted to start using medical marijuana instead because he didn’t like all of the side effects that he was getting from the other drugs. After I did some research all about medical marijuana, though, I realized that he was probably right and that he would probably be much better off without all of those high powered drugs that he had been taking. The medical marijuana basically has no side effects at all, and my husband has lots more energy now than he used to. I think that he really loves the way that medical marijuana is helping him to deal with his pain levels and I’m really glad that he tried it.


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