My in laws are truly wonderful people

My girlfriend has been telling myself and others and also telling myself and others to meet her parents. It’s not as though I do not have an option to meet them. I have been easily on easy and also not wanting to say stupid things. I am easily known to say a stupid thing or numerous in the past. It doesn’t do a lot of good to apologize. I had to bail on my girlfriend lots of times and also made many excuses so I did not have to be with her. She finally had enough of the problems and also threatened to transfer from our home if I was not acting appreciate a grown up in the relationship. That was a time when she made plans for myself and also others to meet with her parents at a costly Italian Steakhouse for dinner. I was incredibly on easy about meeting both of the parents. Luckily, I had a tote of marijuana. I rolled a big joint in some newspaper and smoked the marijuana joint into the garage before I left to have dinner. After smoking a small amount of marijuana, I was easily the hit of the party. I realized that I was far more anxious than I thought I was going to be. My girlfriend did not like the fact that I smoked marijuana. She immediately rolled her eyes when I got into our vehicle and also she commented that I was stinky. I needed to be able to relax and recreational marijuana always helps myself and also others recognize more calm and also relaxed. It really helped on that specific night too.

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