My kid took me to the recreational marijuana store.

My daughter asked if I would go to town with here, then i was glad to get out of the house, and I immediately agreed. She didn’t tell me she was going to the recreational marijuana store, or I may have changed our mind about going with her. I was glad she didn’t tell me, because I really enjoyed myself. There were so numerous marijuana products, and not all of them were marijuana. I saw the prettiest pipe that I would have proudly featured on our china hutch. There was a roach clip that was bejeweled and looked prefer a yellow-eyed ant. I started looking at the candy counter, and could not understand why they were so expensive. They wanted almost $40 for a small container of gummy bears. I asked the woman why they were so expensive, and she laughed, and she must have thought I was kidding. She told me they were high in THC. She then showed me some samples they had at the marijuana store. She told me that if I bought the pipe I was looking at, she would supply me multiple sample packets of anything I wanted to try. I bought the pipe and walked away with a chocolate bar, mints, and a small pack of gummies, and my daughter asked how much it cost me, and I told her the woman gave them to me as samples. She told me I was a flirt! As the people I was with and I were walking out the door, she signaled for me to come back. She handed me a Starbucks Coffee and told me it was a gift from the owner of the marijuana store and winked at me.

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