My last job turned out to be the last job I could take

Over the last year, the people I have been with in addition to myself are happy to legitimately be working at a marijuana delivery service.

The people I was with in addition to myself task for this delivery service.

The store offers no inside services whatsoever. We don’t even have a store building with stock for someone to purchase pick up orders. All of the items need to be delivered. All of these orders usually come from the city and I have to leave the marijuana delivery service every day with extra items. That means I have to be on the alert all of the time for problems. If a person orders something while I am away from the building, I can easily go directly to the lake apartment with all of the supplies on hand. It is regularly appreciate being a person that goes around the neighborhood like an ice cream man except with cannabis instead. I gain honestly good money if a client tips me well. The tips this week have not been legitimately very good. It seems that some people are becoming stingy due to the holiday being around the corner. On Thursdays I usually gain about $200 but I only made $78 in tips. Even worse, my truck broke down on the bridge when I was done with the last marijuana delivery. I didn’t have the money to call a tow truck, but I was happy that another employee at the store offered to come give me a helping hand.
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