My manager showed me the timekeeping software.

When I was hired at the cannabis dispensary, the first thing they introduced me to was the timekeeping software.

She stressed how important it was to use the timekeeping software when I walked into the building, went on break, came back from break, and when I left the building.

She let me know that the dispensary timekeeping software was what they used to know how many hours I worked, and what I should get paid. I tried to remember to check out for breaks, but I always forgot to check back in. I would try to use the timekeeping software to check out at night, and it would come up with an error. I was sure I was going to get fired because I kept forgetting to use the dispensary timekeeping software. After two weeks, I got called into the office and they showed me the time I worked. She asked me if I saw anything wrong with my timekeeping? I could see where I was using the timekeeping software when I came into the building, but now when I was going out. I would go on break and use the dispensary timekeeping software, but I wouldn’t use it coming back from break. She had no way of figuring out exactly how many hours I had worked that week. I got my first and only warning about the dispensary timekeeping software. She said if I wasn’t worried about getting paid; she wans’t going to worry about it, and dismissed. I felt like a fool for not remembering to use the dispensary timekeeping software.


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