My mom enjoys the new edibles

My mom uses cannabis edibles every single day to help her sleep at night.

She was convinced in the past that cannabis edibles would never be able to help her sleep.

I tried to tell my mom how much cannabis helped me but she believed that it was a bad thing to use cannabis and did not want to be one of those people. I got my medical marijuana card a year ago and I started buying little things here and there for my mom. I started getting her edibles every once in a while and it took some time for her to try them in the first place. After she did, she was convinced that I was correct about medical cannabis and the good benefits. She still hasn’t registered to get a medical cannabis card on her own. She is worried that everyone in town will know her business if she has her name on a state registry for marijuana. I know that my mom is being paranoid, but I’m glad that she will still let me buy things for her. Just recently there was a huge sale on 420 and I picked up a couple of edibles that I thought my mom would love. One of the items is a tincture that has CBD and THC. The tincture is normally a $50 product, but I got the item for only $1 when I bought 2 grams of live resin concentrate. The shop had a lot of really good deals on 420 and I found a lot of great deals on several of the products that I love.



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