My mother finds some peace with help from marijuana

It’s amazing all the benefits one can get from cannabis. What’s even more wild to me is how completely ridiculous our culture treats this miracle plant. When I was growing up, my head was filled with all sorts of fear and danger when it came to marijuana. But once I was out on my own, I found out first hand just how important cannabis products can be. I have enjoyed recreational marijuana as an adult. It’s funny how it’s called recreational marijuana. To me, it’s just a wonder and I’m so grateful to have access to it legally now. Our state finally enacted some reasonable cannabis laws so that people of age can visit a cannabis dispensary. This was way overdue but I’m just going to stay grateful that it finally happened. My gratitude to cannabis products has grown even more. My elderly mother suffers from dementia and it’s brutal. This was a vibrant and loving personality who slowly devolved into a person that just couldn’t take care of herself because of her dementia. It was the terror in her eyes that would break my heart the most. Her doctor agreed that sativa and indica strains might really help her situation. It was unlikely that it would change the memory loss. But what it did change was the fear. My mom uses cannabis edibles these days and it has changed thing so much for the better. She seems to understand more that she’s lost sometimes but she just doesn’t panic thanks to the cannabis edibles. I hate that my mom is in such a state but I could not be more thankful that we have access to the cannabis dispensary.

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