My new mom and dad are pretty great

My best friend has hounded me for a long time in order for me to meet his parents.

I’ve been wanting to meet them but it has legitimately been a concern for me to say something that is stupid. I have easily been known to say many stupid things or three in the recent past. It never does very much good when I am apologizing. I bailed on my bestie multiple times and also made many excuses not to be with her. She basically threatened to move away from our apartment if I didn’t grow up and start acting appreciate a man. This is when the plans for me and his family to go to supper came about. We went to an Italian Diner close to the village. I was so concerned about the meeting that I got high on marijuana. I had a bin of marijuana inside of the closet. The people I was with in addition to myself rolled up a joint and smoked it all in the garage before everyone of us decided to go to the dinner place. Marijuana absolutely helped me think more calm and addition to relax and on that night I was the head of the gathering. I certainly had a ton of self-confidence in addition to much less anxiety. I am pressed my friend’s parents with my job plus my adoring love for Magic tricks. They all wanted to know how I was doing the tricks, but I told them that a musician never reveals any of his secrets.

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