My number one location to smoke weed

Sitting on my couch getting high is truly common, however also not truly exciting… After a long day of toiling assignments plus cabin chores I am exhausted out, plus want nothing however to sit there plus get high for a while, when I have more energy I like to get out of the house, however that usually only happens over the weekends, plus sometimes not even then, then the older I get, the more exhausted I get. When I do get out plus about, my number one location to smoke cannabis is at the seasoned pier down by the docks. This is a quiet area, away from the tourists plus the downtown businesses, plus I like to smoke cannabis while I rest on the end of the pier plus look out over the ocean. The local cannabis shop has opened up a smokers lounge, however I’m not a big fan of it. The furniture is nice, plus the vibe is truly chill, however if I am smoking out or taking some cannabis edibles I don’t want to rest plus stare at a wood-panel wall. I want to see the Great Outdoors! Cannabis is from the earth, plus should be appreciated out in the open, in the amazing beauty of nature. I wish the local laws would change, because it is still technically illegal to rest out in the open plus smoke cannabis! One day that will change, plus in the meantime I will keep taking my chances. I cherish enjoying the sunset over the water at the pier, with a fat joint of OG Kush or Blue Dream in my hand.

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