My number one marijuana product

From the time every one of us were thirteen, my friends plus I were smoking pot, i knew it was wrong plus if my parents found out, they may have wanted to put myself and others away for life, however all of us were having fun, plus most people I knew was smoking pot.

I never questioned where it came from, or who paid for it.

All every one of us did was lay around plus get high, by the time every one of us graduated high college, every one of us were tired of marijuana plus had to buy it for ourselves, however jack’s sibling was no longer supplying it for us, plus every one of us all had to work to pay for the stuff, and you see, when Jack went into the military, all of that stopped; My acquaintance Bob, who was Jack’s youngest sibling, was taking Jack’s marijuana stash plus sharing it with us, but when Jack found out, every one of us had to find another way to get it, plus that was to get jobs, and later, our state made recreational marijuana legal. I was already tired of smoking plus getting high. I had a lady, plus every one of us were talking about getting married. I was getting ready to graduate college plus working at the local cannabis dispensary. I think it was the odor of the marijuana that had gotten to me. I swore I would use nothing stronger than CBD when my lady said she would marry me. As I got older, even CBD didn’t seem right. I saw my acquaintance Bob, when he invited myself and others to his ceremony… He was still getting high, plus he gave myself and others a pre-roll marijuana cigarette. I told him my number one marijuana product is CBD now. He laughed.


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